Tick Talk

Did you know? Ticks begin to look for a blood meal at 4°C. Tick activity begins in early spring and continues through summer into fall until temperatures drop below 4°C. If you find a tick, remove it! The easiest and safest way is to grasp it as close as possible to the skin with tweezers […]

Senior Pet Wellness

As pets age, their body chemistries change and their healthcare needs do too. Learn more about how to care for your senior pet.

Parasite Prevention

Parasites living in your pet’s body are not only unseemly, they can cause serious health issues. Learn how to protect your pet.

First Aid

As a pet owner, it’s important to know some basic first aid in case your loved one is ever in need of aid.

Fire Safety

Being aware of how to prevent and respond to fires is life saving information. Protect your pets and family with these fire safety tips.

Exercise for Pets

Exercise keeps pets healthy and happy! An active pet is less likely to be obese and develop health issues.

Common Pet Emergencies

Being able to recognize and respond to emergency situations can be the difference when your finds themselves in a potentially life threatening situation.

Adopt a Pet

There are millions of homeless pets out there that will never know the love and compassion of an owner. Adopt a shelter pet!


Absolutely FANTASTIC and friendly staff I've ever encountered. I had my dog neutered there and he left just as happy and healthy as he went in. Great overall experience and I will definitely be back when I need their services in the future. Highly recommend this animal health centre!

Kendi Lee Shewchuk


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